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Homemade Instant Pot Yogurt

You will need an IP with the yogurt setting to make this recipe


1/2 gallon Fairlife or other Ultra Pasteurized Whole Milk

3T Plain Full Fat Yogurt (I like Siggi's or Skyr best but any brand will work)


Pour your milk into the IP.  Whisk in 3T of yogurt well. This step is very important. Your yogurt will not set if you don't whisk it! Put the lid on the IP and close it. It will not build pressure so the vent setting isn't important.  Press the yogurt button once. Your IP will start counting UP to 8 hrs.  At the end of the cycle, remove the inner pot, cover it and put in your fridge for 4-6 hrs. DO NOT stir it yet! After the 4-6 hr rest period you can either spoon your yogurt into a covered dish or strain it for a short time through a piece of butter muslin (this will result in a slightly thicker yogurt).  Enjoy!

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