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Dr. Diamond McGehee

Hey there! I come to you from a small town in Arkansas where I live with my husband and our fur & feather babies. I have a Ph.D. in Applied Science.


In 2014 I knew I had to take action. I had started looking into graduate schools but didn’t know where life would take me. I knew I’d always had a weight problem and had tried myriad diets to remedy the situation: insanely low calories, Atkins, grapefruit, rice cakes, Dolly Parton soup, you name it! I knew there had to be a more basic, simple answer, but I also knew that whatever I found had to be sustainable, and that’s atrociously difficult in our current culture.


Our culture celebrates and mourns everything with food. I knew that if I made dietary changes, I could lose weight. I also knew that over time I would slip back into old habits and regain everything plus some. For that reason, I sought out tools I could use to make big food changes. I decide what goes into my mouth. I decide whether or not to go to the gym.


I love to find like-minded people that are concerned about all the added sugar manufacturers sneak into foods in an effort to make them addictive. With me, you will find a supportive environment that appreciates scientific advancements in knowledge. I’m so excited to be able to help you achieve your goals and get healthier!

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Coaching via Email and/or FB Messenger

Macro Calculation

General and Custom Meal Planning

For clients in Central Arkansas:

Kitchen clean-out (I'll remove anything that isn't keto).

Keto shopping! I'll take you through the grocery store, teach you to read labels, and choose appropriate foods.

Questions? Email!

Work With Me

All purchases, except the $55 custom meal plan are a one-time fee for one month of service. No auto-draft will be taken from your account. If you desire another month of service, simply purchase again.

If you would like to purchase 6 months of service up front, you will receive a 10% discount, but you must contact me first.

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