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Marinated Olives

Keto Lifestyle Services began when three online friends (Wendy, Laura and Diamond) decided that a page they were helping with was not meeting their ketogenic lifestyle goals. These friends were hopeful that they could work together to create a warm and comfortable place for people wishing to follow a strict ketogenic way of eating and better not just their weight, but their lives. Their first goal was to create a place to share information and provide support.  From that desire, Strict Keto for Beginners (SKFB) was born, full of information, suggestions and the ability to share help with other members. Membership in the SKFB Facebook group is open to all, whether you are a beginner or an experienced ketoer!

Wendy, Diamond and Laura have several years combined experience with the Ketogenic lifestyle. We are all in different places on our weight loss journeys but all have committed to the Keto Way of Eating (WOE) to better our lives and not just lose weight. We will begin to offer coaching services in the very near future to help those that need assistance to make this most of the Keto WOE. There are also plans in the works for personalized services to be rolled out at a later date.

For now, come on over to Strict Keto for Beginners and get started. As we increase our services, we will be sure to let you know what is available, so please like our page to make sure you see all of the exciting changes rolling out! We look forward to being a part of your healthy lifestyle. Keto on!

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